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The yearly household
membership dues are:

US, Canada, & Mexico:

$65 - Computer Directory
$80 - with Printed Directory

Overseas Hosts:

Free - Computer Directory
$20 - with Printed Directory

Lodging gratuity per night:

Club Members:
$15 single, $20 double
Each Additional Person...$10

Overseas hosts may add an additional $10 to the above gratuity.

(All amounts are in $US)

Membership is on a calendar year basis (Jan - Dec), and all memberships come due at the end of each year. If you initially join in the middle of a year, your second year's dues will be pro-rated to compensate for the first year's partial membership.

Your membership fees are soon offset by the low cost of your accommodations and the reward of many new friendships.

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What are my responsibilities as a host?

You offer that extra comfortable bedroom in your home to your guest and provide a breakfast (continental or full) for them.  We ask that you give about an hour of your time to acquaint the guest with your area (restaurants, sightseeing, etc.).  This can be done upon arrival or over breakfast.

What are my responsibilities as a guest?

You arrive at a convenient time for your host, show your membership card, and pay the gratuity upon arrival.  You should be away from the home during the day to give your host privacy.  If your host does more than required (picks you at the airport, tours you around), you should compensate them in some way.  If your plans change and you cannot arrive for a confirmed reservation, you must contact your host and cancel as early as possible.

How many times must I host?

You only host when it is convenient for you.  We do a survey at renewal time each year and have found that most hosts do not host more than 3 times a year.  However, it is up to the host how many times he/she hosts during the year. 

How long can I stay as a guest?

We leave this up to the host.  However, our Club guidelines state no more than 4 nights.  Minimum and maximum night stays are often found in the listing.

Should I be concerned about letting strangers in my home?

This is a legitimate concern in this day and age.  However, if you were running a commercial Bed and Breakfast, you could be accepting anyone who came off the street.  In this Club, you get a chance to read about them in the Directory.  You usually speak with them by telephone or email several times before they arrive.  You only host when you feel comfortable about it and when it is convenient.  You also know that they are paying members of this Club and are accepting other members into their homes.  You should always ask to see their membership card upon arrival.  All of our members have some 'butterflies' on first time hosting or being a guest - then we usually get that letter laughing at their qualms and saying what fun they had and the new friends they have made.

Do you have members overseas?

Yes, approximately 25% of our members reside overseas and the other 75% in the United States and Canada. 

What if I work and cannot serve my guest breakfast?

Many of our hosts still work.  If you work, you should set the table for the guests and show the guests what and where the breakfast food is.

How do I make reservations for a stay--is it through you?

No.  Once you receive the Directory from us, it is up to you to call, email, or fax the member in the area you wish to stay.  All the information is in the listing.  If your plans change and you cannot arrive for a confirmed reservation, you must contact your host and cancel as early as possible.

May I speak with a member of the Club before I join?

Certainly!  Just email us and we will give you the name and number of a member in your area.  We have been given permission by our members to do this.  They will gladly share their ATC hosting experiences with you.

Are all the baths private?

It states in each listing whether the guest bath is private or shared with the hosts.  Many private baths are not in the room, but nearby (across the hall, etc.).  The listing will also tell you what type of bed is available. 

What if I want more privacy?

We all need our privacy from time to time.  In that case, you would do well to stay in a hotel.  When traveling we find it a wonderful combination to stay in members' homes and to stay in hotels.  We also have in the Directory a chapter called "Other Affordable Lodging."  This chapter contains rentals (guesthouses, apartments, etc.), inexpensive B&B's and hotels.  We started this chapter for areas where we do not have that many members and it has now grown to include all areas. 

What other services do you offer?

We offer house-sitting, pet-sitting, and home exchanges between members.

Does the Club do anything as a group?

ATC get-togethers:  We encourage members in a state or local area to have yearly get-togethers.  Here in the state of Washington, we sponsor a state picnic each year which has an attendance of 50-75 members.  We have had members come from as far away as Wales and Russia.  We know that members in other states are doing this also and encourage you to organize one in your area to meet your fellow members. 

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