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Washington State Picnic
Group Photo Suzanne Main Course Main Table Desert Table Yum-yum
Let's Eat Line Up Table#1 Table#2 Table#3 I'm Full

Germany - Christmas Markets Cruise
Berlin Dresden Magdeburg Meissen Potsdam Wittenberg

Drawing of Orthodox church
Russian Cruise
Barbara Persson & Don Brierley at farmhouse lunch ATC group on Tikhi Don riverboat Joan Marsh (center)
St Michael's Orthodox Church The Morse's and Miller's in Moscow ATC party on Tikhi Don ATC group on Tikhi Don riverboat Floyd VA Picnic

Vancouver Island Picnic

Maria MacDonald (second from left) Carl Chavez with Captain Gerald Atkinson singing Irish Ballad Rob MacDonald in skitDave Woodruff in skit

Washington State Picnic at Gig Harbor
What a Good Looking Group! Listening to other member's stories. Pondering after our meal. Suzanne Speaks Out and John, too. And a Good Time was had by all.

ATC Guests visit the Alpacas at Lone Ranch near White City Oregon
Alpacas at the Gyuro's in White City OR Russ and Judy Cleveland John and Nancy Manter June Malina Marylou Harris and her daughter Sheila and Renate being happy about alpaca yarn

Frank and Carole Peck (CO), with Dennis Ridler outside Oystermouth Castle in Swansea, Wales. Don and Dot Pettigrew of Huntsville AL at St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, Wales 2005 Riverboat--in Czech Republic Suzanne with Marcela & Granddaughter in Prague Millers with the Paredes family in Zurich
Suzanne Miller and Linda Arnold on the recent ATC Mississippi River Cruise 2005 Riverboat--Croatia home-hosted dinner Miller home in Gig Harbor, WA ATC Get Together ATC'ers on the Mississippi Queen
Sophie Selling from The Hague, Netherlands Christmas Markets--Netherlands home hosted dinner ATC get-together in Brussels at Margots Rinderers from Feldkirch, Austria Suzanne and Sheba

John and Suzanne relaxing on their deck ATC luncheon at the Arnolds ATC hosts together in the Netherlands Suzanne and Henny De Berg Millers and Larsens from Wisconsin
Chicago ATC get-together June, 2003 Suzanne and Hannibal The Larsen's lakefront home in Wisconsin 2008 ATC Gettogether at the Chavez home in Graeagle, CA Oregon ATC get-together
Washington party honoring Australia host Peggy Craig Hosts Joaco and Carmen Fuertes in Puerto Rico Eagans at the Millers ATC diners on the Mississippi Queen 2004 River Cruise Group
Picnic at Point Defiance, WA Washington get-together August, 2003 Reinhard L黡er in Switzerland The Millers in Austria with Hildegard Rinderer Mississippi Queen Cruise

Kay Tobin in Australia The Tumas The Olivers in San Antonio John and Suzanne in Austria The Arnolds and The Millers, Cruise, 2003 John at the Lavarakas' in California Washington get-together August, 2003
Virginia Lewin in Florida San Diego get-together August, 2003 Florida hosts Jerry and Kathy Flesher Suzanne and Louis Moore on the ATC Baltic cruise Bill and Cam Schultz on Mississippi Queen
Picnic at Port Townsend, WA Netherlands ATC Party June 2004 Netherlands ATC Party June 2004 The Margots hosting the Millers in Belgium BobThompson at the Larsen's in Wisconsin
ATC picnic - Walnut Creek, CA 2005 Washington picnic Bryan and Ann Blackwell of Guildford, England are serious about ATC