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Directory Formats

The ATC Directory is available in both computer and hardcopy versions.

You can select whichever format best suites your needs.

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The yearly household
membership dues are:

US, Canada, & Mexico:

$65 - Computer Directory
$80 - with Printed Directory

Overseas Hosts:

Free - Computer Directory
$20 - with Printed Directory

Lodging gratuity per night:

Club Members:
$15 single, $20 double
Each Additional Person...$10

Overseas hosts may add an additional $10 to the above gratuity.

(All amounts are in $US)

Membership is on a calendar year basis (Jan - Dec), and all memberships come due at the end of each year. If you initially join in the middle of a year, your second year's dues will be pro-rated to compensate for the first year's partial membership.

Your membership fees are soon offset by the low cost of your accommodations and the reward of many new friendships.

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The Affordable Travel Club
All Rights Reserved

ATC Members can choose to use any or all of our three computer based host location directories:

1) Google Maps Online Directory:
You can access our secure, Google map based online directory from any computer with your personal username and password. A world map is displayed with a marker for each host location. Navigate to the area you want using your mouse and click on the map marker to display the host details. A search function is included to help you quickly find what you are looking for. The Google map directory is not supported on mobile devices.

2) Map Based Online List Directory:
With this version, you can see all of the host listings in an area by choosing from a map based navigation system. Just click or touch the map where you want to go to see all of the ATC listings in that country, state, or region. If you are using a mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, iTouch, Nook, Kindle, etc.), you can access the this version of the ATC Directory through our secure mobile web site.

3) PDF Format:
This is a duplicate of the printed directory in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. The PDF files can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer or mobile device, and you can view or print out whatever pages you desire. The PDF directory is only updated once per year, and will not list new members who recently joined.

The Online Directory also contains listings for those who need or are willing to house-sit, pet-sit, or do a home exchange with other Club members.

Printed Directory Option:

As a hard copy option, a 3 hole punch printed directory is also available for an additional charge. Due to printing and postage costs, the additional charge for the printed directory is $15.00 ($20.00 outside of North America).